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We noticed that over time, this support website had accumulated a lot of redundant and dated material. Given the evolution of scientific findings and tools, major housekeeping is warranted and has to be done so that the material offered is relevant, up-to-date, accurate, legal and useful. In order to serve you in the best possible way, this site is undergoing a thorough review to declutter the material, eliminate confusion and adjust its set of features to the demands of its users. We will let you know when a relaunch is in sight.

In the meantime, you can still access the BEMER support ticket system for questions to the BEMER office in Orlando. You can also still order e-sign documents through this page. For further questions please contact your respective sponsors and team managers.

Please note that this website is not operated by BEMER USA, BEMER Group or its affiliates. For that reason, the BEMER office in Orlando might not be able to address the questions you might have about this website.

e-Sign Form Orders
All forms that require an official signature from you and/or your customers and who are not submitted online, no longer need to be faxed to the BEMER office. Instead, you can now use this page to request the needed e-Signature forms from us. We will email you and/or your customer the requested forms through SILANIS e-Signature service for easy online signing. No faxing, no hassle.
Please make sure that you and/or the signer receive emails from SILANIS e-signlive!

See short BEMER tutorial video here!
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Order Form      
Credit Card Authorization Form Only needed for Rent-to-Purchase orders through the webshop!
Rent-to-Purchase Form      
Distributor Application Form      
Direct Deposit Authorization Form      
Sponsor Rental Buyout Form      
Warranty Transfer      
Handover Checklist Form      
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