e-Sign Form Orders
All forms that require an official signature from you and/or your customers and who are not submitted online, no longer need to be faxed to the BEMER office. Instead, you can now use this page to request the needed e-Signature forms from us. We will email you and/or your customer the requested forms through SILANIS e-Signature service for easy online signing. No faxing, no hassle.
Please make sure that you and/or the signer receive emails from SILANIS e-signlive!

See short BEMER tutorial video here!
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Signer's Name   Signer's Email
Signer's ZIP code (for authentication purposes)      
I need the following e-signature forms to be sent to the person mentioned above:
Order Form      
Credit Card Authorization Form Only needed for Rent-to-Purchase orders through the webshop!
Rent-to-Purchase Form      
Distributor Application Form      
Direct Deposit Authorization Form      
Sponsor Rental Buyout Form      
Warranty Transfer      
Handover Checklist Form      
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